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Challenges and Complexities of Transitioning from 2G to 3G/4G/LTE Made Easy with KORE

The 2G sunset is presenting companies like yours with challenges and complexities. We can make it easier for you.

KORE is offering a FREE 2G Consultation with a 2G Transistion Specialist. You'll recieve a 20 minute consultation in which we'll evaluate your current situation and provide you with examples of how other companies similar to your situation addressed the problem.

Although everyone's situation is unique, our clients have found it helpful to review their options based on actual use cases similar to theirs. You can learn how KORE simplifies the transition to newer technologies with customized pricing plans, simple contract addendums and device certification assistance.

Just remember, you have options, but waiting isn't one of them so take action now.


AT&T's FAQ on the 2G Sunset

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the AT&T 2G Sunset.

Wondering why AT&T is shutting down it's 2G network? Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions from AT&T.

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It’s time to ask what 3G can do for you in M2M

A few weeks ago in these pages, we looked at the largest misconceptions around the 2G shutdown, including the BIG idea that 3G opens up the possibility for new service offerings down the line. Now we...


The Top 5 Misconceptions about 2G Sunsetting

  By now, it’s no secret that our beloved, perceived-to-be-low-TCO 2G networks are going away. Even as the vast majority of in-service M2M applications would continue to add value with 2G...



The Top 5 Misconceptions about 2G Sunsetting

AT&T has stated it is progressively working to free up spectrum between now and the deadline date, and may end up sunsetting some markets or territories even sooner. There is no telling today where those territories will be, so the specter of “no 2G” could very well impact you sooner rather than later.

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