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Seven IoT Predictions for 2017 - Part IV: Tablets Taking the Reins

On 01/19/2017  by Alex Brisbourne
It’s no surprise that tablets have become popular with consumers over the last 5-8 years – the ability to have the latest movies, games and other apps at your fingertips, regardless of location, is exciting to buyers and brings the digit...
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Seven IoT Predictions for 2017 - Part III: eSIM Matures, but how will Carriers Respond?

On 01/12/2017  by Alex Brisbourne
As we continue to explore trends for 2017, let’s take a look at how connectivity is facilitated. In the coming year, we should expect to see the maturation of portable subscription management via embedded SIM (eSIM) cards. And to be clea...
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Seven IoT Predictions for 2017 - Part II: The Emergence of Narrowband IoT

On 01/10/2017  by Alex Brisbourne
In our first installment, we took a look at the emergence of rich data transmission of 4G networks and the expected excitement around what 5G may become in the coming year. On the other extreme, expect to see greater adoption of Narrowba...
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Seven IoT Predictions for 2017 - Part I: 4G Takes Center Stage, 5G Buzz Grows Louder

On 01/05/2017  by Alex Brisbourne
In 2017, we will keep a keen eye on the rapidly expanding use of LTE and the new ways with which it will be utilized by multiple business sectors. With the sunsetting of 2G and 3G networks in progress, we will see new ways 4G networks are d...
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2G Sunset Solutions: Choosing 3G vs. LTE for IoT Applications

On 01/03/2017  by Norman Miglietta
  For more than a decade, popular opinion suggested that almost any machine-to-machine connectivity need could be addressed with 2G technologies. However, as organizations using M2M technology now require richer, more robust, more evolve...
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Connectivity Infrastructure: To Build, or To Buy?

On 12/21/2016  by Allison Thornton
Connected devices are seemingly everywhere these days - from everyday applications such as personal healthcare devices for seniors that let them age in place; to remote pipeline sensors protecting the environment; to agricultural sensors...
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