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Customer Use Case: Curo - Enabling Senior Autonomy

On 02/21/2017  by Peter West
The global population is aging. With over 40 million people over the age of 65 in the United States alone, there is an ever-increasing requirement for intelligent, efficient, and cost-effective home healthcare services that enable older ...
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Looking Ahead: HIMSS 2017 and the Emergence of Healthcare IoT

On 02/16/2017  by Peter West
The 2017 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference and Exhibition is just around the corner in Orlando, and we’re quite excited to be attending once again. Each year, more than 40,000 professionals gather a...
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5 Ways IoT is Changing Healthcare

On 02/14/2017  by Alex Brisbourne
The Internet of Things (IoT) has become known for its cool factor. From self-driving cars to smart homes filled with voice activated devices such as light controls, the innovation of IoT’s connectivity never fails to impress. However, th...
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Seven IoT Predictions for 2017 - Part VII: The Rise of Plug & Play IoT

On 02/07/2017  by Alex Brisbourne
In past years, IT leaders grappled with the challenges of 1) Architecting an Internet of Things infrastructure, and 2) Building it. These pioneers ventured into the unknown, locating vendors to help provide disparate pieces to a larger a...
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Seven IoT Predictions for 2017 - Part VI: Consolidation in the IoT

On 01/31/2017  by Alex Brisbourne
As the Internet-of-Things becomes more wildly adopted across verticals from fleet management to retail, a growing number of wireless companies will try to join the race of being the best provider of IoT connectivity services. With more p...
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Seven IoT Predictions for 2017 - Part V: Security Comes to the Forefront

On 01/24/2017  by Alex Brisbourne
The promise of IoT continues to be a hot topic. Businesses and consumers dream about how wireless, connected devices will bring an ongoing array of gadgets, conveniences and efficiencies. As developers work hard to keep pace with the dem...
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Seven IoT Predictions for 2017 - Part IV: Tablets Taking the Reins

On 01/19/2017  by Alex Brisbourne
It’s no surprise that tablets have become popular with consumers over the last 5-8 years – the ability to have the latest movies, games and other apps at your fingertips, regardless of location, is exciting to buyers and brings the digit...
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