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Alex Brisbourne lends perspective to M2MNow blogspace

Posted by KORE on 03/29/2013

Over at M2MNow this week, KORE President Alex Brisbourne takes note of M2M moving to the ‘mainstream’ at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013, but offers his signature cautionary outlook when it comes to ascribing big numbers to discrete, internet-subscribed devices in the foreseeable future.

Rather than presenting the Internet-of-Things as an overall "economic value" creator, Alex believes value will present itself in models that are hyper-relevant to specific market segments. There is not really an apt umbrella. Over the next three to five years, he says, the lion’s share of M2M growth will be fueled by narrowcast solutions: a transport company might deploy a simple application for driver tracking, which could then be layered with route planning or fuel monitoring modules. Bankers will be enabling "temporary" ATMs to be set up at trade fairs, as well as point-of-sale transactions for remote service personnel. Medical innovators will be looking for ways to move glucose monitoring for diabetics into a remote, real-time environment.

If we go too far with projections, we risk making too big of a splash in the pond of excitement and emptying it, because nothing much sticks. It is much more helpful to take a measured and realistic approach to discovering value in this market.