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Arrow Electronics: Providing one smart solution at a time

Posted by Norman Miglietta on 03/06/2012

With recent overtures by General Electric about building the Industrial Internet, where connected sensors and devices will make the physical world of industry more intelligent, we thought it fitting that a new partner of ours, Arrow Electronics, is already ahead of the curve to make such a vision a reality.

Arrow is a global provider of products, services and solutions across many different industries. Its technology solutions expertise is now being applied to M2M, so that customers can do things like harvest and distribute alternative energy, automate factories, ensure proper function of aircraft components, monitor food shipments across the global supply chain and deliver energy-efficient, solid-state lighting.

Now that KORE is on board as Arrow’s newest M2M network services provider partner, Arrow customers can access the complete KORE portfolio of digital cellular and satellite connectivity options through a homogeneous single interface, to connect their devices in even the most highly dispersed, highly mobile applications. So a jet engine can send status updates about its real-time performance or maintenance issues. Or a food shipping container can provide full trip transparency to prevent decay, control ripening and improve safety.

KORE’s M2M expertise and multiple carrier-level agreements across the globe were key selling points for Arrow, since its customer base has a diverse set of needs. We are also able to “lift the veil” on network access and control for Arrow and its customers. Features such as full insight into device status on the network, the ability to connect via multiple Tier 1 network technologies at will, as well as streamlined device activation and authentication all came into play.

So, while M2M visionaries continue to talk about a future of connected, communicating devices that will make industries smarter, here we see Arrow Electronics already walking the walk, by connecting customers to the right technology from one convenient, trusted source.

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