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Finding the Humor in IoT

Posted by Norman Miglietta on 04/02/2015

Humor_in_IoTSince April is National Humor Month, I thought it would be interesting to point out a few funny items about our world and how M2M and IoT are playing out today. This cartoon is a concept KORE has been “joking” about for the last 10 years as we discussed how mainstream M2M would eventually become in our lives. Now, as the IoT has taken over the lion share of media attention, the concept has truly become more of a reality today.

With innovation escalating in both these arenas, I started looking around at all the “things” I am currently connected to: my home, car, phone, tablet, security system, thermostats, personal fitness band, CPAP machine, traffic lights and even my physician’s medical records department.

The sensors collecting the data are increasing every day and as they begin to communicate with one another - what WOULD happen if they actually had an argument? Would my car no longer be allowed in the garage if it stopped communicating with the security system that authenticates ownership between the house and the car? Would my refrigerator keep the garage door from opening until I responded to the text message that we needed to purchase milk?

Sounds funny to us too, but who knows, we might just be heading in that direction. So at KORE, we say, go ahead and laugh at the humor enclosed, but know this, the ideas are not that unfounded any longer.

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