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How does Ayantra keep the “Always on” maxim well, always on?

Posted by Norman Miglietta on 03/26/2013

In our unending goal to provide you, our readers, with examples of the Internet-of-Things in action, today we bring to you the story of Ayantra, a fascinating company using KORE to provide an often overlooked value to homeowners. Its product, myGENcare, is an M2M-connected monitoring system for residential power generators. It automatically reports to its users the real-time status of utility power coming to the home, on-site power, and the engine hours, battery level and fault status for their generator. For anyone who’s lived through the major weather events in the U.S. over the past few years, such a simple-yet-precious use of IoT technology can clearly be viewed as a godsend. Parkingmeter

Ayantra also elegantly illustrates our point that every Internet-of-Things application is, by some varying degree, an asset management and control application. From there, it becomes a mere matter of specializing and fine-tuning which physiological factors you want to monitor or control. In this case, generator manufacturers and third-party service companies can implement a distinct “management by exception” plan to offer ongoing peace-of-mind for customers (and, incidentally, boost the appeal during the sales cycle).

Typical factors monitored here would be:

  • Battery Problems – Most batteries weaken slowly over time before failing completely. By monitoring the battery level, the generator service company can repair or swap-out a weak battery before it has a chance to fail.
  • Low Fuel – Detecting a “Low Fuel” condition before it matters will prevent an avoidable generator failure.
  • Fault Alarms – By detecting Fault conditions on a generator, the generator service company can schedule onsite service to repair the generator before an emergency occurs.
  • Failure to Exercise – Most generators automatically exercise on a weekly basis. Failure to perform the weekly exercise can indicate a problem. Detecting such “Failure to Exercise” conditions can again avoid the chance of failure during emergency situations.

Ayantra ensures close to 100 percent uptime for monitored generators and also gives generator servicers the means to offer extensive cost savings for customers, by eliminating unnecessary service calls that typically run more than $75 per. Taken together, all of this is classic asset management, tuned to the specific task of delivering “always on” electricity for homeowners.

Robert Metzler, EVP Sales and Marketing

With over 20 years experience in leading winning sales teams, Bob joins KORE to drive adoption of KORE in the market by capitalizing on our unique service, management and billing capabilities, coupled with the most comprehensive and skilled network of partners, all dedicated to delivering the most reliable and relevant solutions for our customers, every day.

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