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ISC West – Have we entered a new era of connected security?

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CameraWith ISC West descending this month upon Las Vegas, it makes sense to take stock of the asset-based security landscape, just to see how far we’ve come and where we still could go as an industry.

Suffice to say, cellular-based M2M connections have already changed the game for protecting physical assets and locations. Overall these connections have improved the safety and security of employees, homeowners and the public at-large. They’ve given a big boost to the reliability of alarm management and the flexibility of real-time surveillance. Dealers have been able to offer wireless fail-safe options, as well as “always on” camera security from virtually any location, no matter how remote it is. More importantly, cellular airtime has gotten to the point where security dealers can avoid “sticker shock” from the potential airtime bill for connected services.

As we move forward in time, it actually seems that available landline connections are becoming fewer and farther between. Hard as it may be to fathom, the day is likely not far away where hardwired residential connections become the exception to the rule. Realistically, who wants to keep paying for a landline when nearly everything can, and does, get done on mobile phones. I’ve personally gone the mobile-only route in my home; all that’s left for me to make the complete break is to find some time on a weekend to remove all the anachronistic phone jacks and wiring that has accumulated over the years from prior owners in my house.

What does the security professional do in such a case? How do they continue to provide a very reliable yet affordable solution when “time has passed by” landline home phones?

On to cellular.

Or, more specifically, carrier-agnostic cellular. Our partner Instant Care will be showcasing its new product at ISC West called DL643, made possible by the KORE multi-carrier network. DL643 is unlike any other cellular alarm communicator available today; customers can configure it to use the wireless carrier of their choice. There is no “locked-in” aspect to the device.

DL643 provides full data reporting direct from a client’s monitored home and it also supports full two-way voice communication. It is UL certified for 1023 “Household Burglary” and 985 “Household Fire.”DL643

The Instant Care DL643. Truly a new way of thinking about connected security services.

KORE will be in Booth No. 19128 at ISC West this year. Stop by and see just how strongly M2M and physical security are melding to drive products that are more agile, reliable and cost-conscious for homeowners and business owners worldwide.

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