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KORE Announces Partnership with Gemalto to Deliver Global M2M Solutions

Posted by Norman Miglietta on 08/27/2013

Just a few weeks ago, we announced a partnership with Gemalto, a world leader in digital security, to offer global M2M connectivity with the Gemalto/SenSorlogic solution. Gemalto/SensorLogic is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that transforms real-time data from device sensors and other equipment into actionable intelligence to improve efficiency and optimize costs. Sounds like a perfect M2M partner to us.

The partnership empowers KORE and Gemalto customers to create and deploy their M2M solutions efficiently and cost-effectively in the cloud, accelerating time to market. Organizations using the platform will now be able to mobilize and manage a growing range of M2M applications, including tracking and tracing, alarm and security systems, and asset management.

For example, say that a company is shipping a large order of climate-sensitive produce. Using sensors placed throughout the supply chain, a company is able to track and monitor the location and climate conditions of the shipment container. With the Gemalto/SensorLogic solution, logistics managers are able to log on via laptop, smartphone or computer to access real-time data and alerts regarding the shipment. Having accessibility to that information, regardless of location, enables logistics managers to respond and make adjustments immediately to preserve cargo and improve profits – all of this over the KORE network. With cellular and satellite connectivity, the KORE network enables customers using the Gemalto solution to deploy and manage their applications on a global scale.

With the help of KORE and the cloud, Gemalto is making real-time M2M data and alerts available at any time regardless of location, helping companies increase efficiency and profitability.

By Bert Gillespie, Regional Sales Manager

With over 14 years of experience in the M2M industry specializing in channel & partner development , Bert joined KORE 1 year ago.  Bert’s main focus at KORE is business development across the M2M ecosystem aligning channel partners with KORE network services.   His expertise in the M2M industry stems from his time at Qualcomm, Apple Computer and numerous AVL companies. 

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