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KORE continues to build partnerships; expand M2M connections

Posted by Norman Miglietta on 03/02/2012

Ever attended an event, perhaps a carnival or festival, and noticed ATMs sitting in the middle of nowhere? Ever wonder how these machines communicate to their owners or your bank, ensuring real-time balances remain accurate and cash is readily available? How about parking meters that accept credit cards rather than change? Or DVD movie kiosks that simply spring up on the side of buildings? All of these services are made possible (and convenient) through wireless connectivity.

You may have seen the recent KORE announcement regarding our partnership with the DPL Group. If you’re not familiar with them, the DPL Group is a leading-edge technology company committed to providing the finest in communications and remote monitoring systems using GPS, cellular and telecommunications technologies.  They specialize in the Automated Teller Machine (ATM), Vehicle Fleet Control and Telephone Test and Interface Industries.

More than just ATMs and fleet tracking; the DPL Group specializes in offering innovative and fresh technologies that help to increase their customers’ bottom-lines as well as foster industry growth.

So, why KORE?

The KORE network is known for its redundant, ubiquitous coverage that is both reliable and comprehensive. When installing ATMs, for example, a supplier is going to want to know that they will be able to monitor and control that device 24/7. Specifically, KORE is partnering with the DPL Group to help bring a large group of wireless, remote ATMs to market. From concerts to circuses, ATMs can now be deployed and monitored using wireless services, making once unserviceable locations serviceable. This also means that your cheap friend can no longer use the “I don’t have any cash on me” excuse.

The bigger picture--there is this obvious need for connected devices over more dispersed regions. There is a demand for connection and convenience even in the world’s most remote locations. That’s why KORE is committed to providing our customers with the largest geographic footprint and a highly redundant architecture ideally suited to help to connect ATM and other devices in any location.

Stefan Spurrell, National Sales Manager, Canada

With 16 years experience in the communication industry, Stefan entered the M2M business in 2001, playing a key role in building Rogers Wireless (Canada) first M2M data sales channel.

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