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KORE Welcomes B&B Technologies to our Award-Winning M2M Network

Posted by Norman Miglietta on 03/04/2014

KORE just announced a new partnership with B&B Electronics, a developer of mission-critical network Industrial monitoringconnectivity solutions and looks forward to building lasting relationships with B&B customers in business continuity, industrial automation, utility management, transportation and a number of additional vertical markets across the globe. We’re working with B&B to deliver a unique “starter kit,” for connecting (via the KORE global network) industrial M2M monitoring and control applications.

B&B’s rugged 3G cellular service router, in concert with KORE’s expansive multi-carrier cellular connectivity, forms the basis for a pre-packaged 3-month data plan trial. M2M application providers now have a simple on-ramp to the largest single resource of North American GSM and CDMA network services via KORE’s global M2M network.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand its reach into more industries worldwide, this relationship between KORE and B&B will help fuel this growth by accelerating time-to-market for M2M application providers.  Once customers receive the 3G router from B&B, they gain instant access to the KORE network for applications as diverse as monitoring systems, automation systems and management of enterprise IT assets. In addition to the ubiquitous network connectivity, B&B customers have the power to choose which technology best suits their application requirements with the completely customizable network management module, KORE PRiSMPro. Customers also gain access to the troubleshooting expertise of the KORE team.

KORE believes the value of connecting devices remains one of the most prevalent trends in the M2M industry right. As companies expand their network of deployed devices, the availability of connectivity options will only continue to expand. We look forward to working with B&B to fulfill these requirements “on the ground.”

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