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M2M "Service" Providers or Just Providers?

Posted by Matt Davis on 07/19/2011
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What does the word "service" mean to you? In the wireless industry, we immediately think of the ability to connect two devices, whether it's for voice communications, SMS text or M2M data. As long as the call goes through or the data arrives, we feel that we're getting service.

Every once and a while, though, we remember that we're also paying for another type of service— customer service and technical support. Across different industries, you will find an incredibly diverse experience spanning the entire service delivery spectrum. Some industries such as the hyper-competitive credit card industry, know that service is a true differentiator and they "get it". Try calling American Express and see how quickly your questions are answered. I don't remember ever waiting more than a few minutes, or leaving a call without resolution. Other industries, for example airlines, are much less responsive and focused on the service they provide their customers. Unfortunately for most of us, many wireless carriers are more like the airlines when it comes to service and they come up short when offering true customer service beyond the dial tone.

In one instance, a friend that works for one of wireless carriers had to call his own company's customer service to discuss an issue with his personal phone. After a lengthy call with no significant result, he hung up the phone saying "now I know why everyone hates us!" Another colleague recently called another "service" provider with the only goal of switching plans. After waiting on hold for 40 minutes, he was told that the person he finally reached didn't know how to help him, suggesting a visit to the website.

If the primary objective of the wireless business is to enable communications, why has it become such a widely held belief that communicating with these companies is often a painful exercise?

I'm happy to confidently say that KORE takes service and support very seriously. We take pride in greeting our customers with a human voice, not an automated system – and almost always in less than 15 – 30 seconds. Companies rely on M2M devices to report and respond at all times, and some have even built their businesses around the ubiquitous and reliable communications capabilities of cellular wireless connectivity, so we want to instill the confidence that we will be there to help them in their moment of need.

Many consumers and business people also rely on cell phones to check in with family members and conduct work on the road. Rapid, quality customer service is just as important to these people. Someday, if I have free time to kill and if I can get the right person on the line, I'll call my service provider and tell them how to get it right.

By Danny Thomas, VP Operations
Danny has over 23 years of experience in the wireless and telecommunications industry working in Asia, North America, and the U.K. He joined KORE in 2009 and was instrumental in driving the implementation of our state-of-the-art, fully redundant network architecture. Danny joined KORE after 14 years with AT&T Mobility as the Sr. Director of National Wireless Data Operations, where he worked on several state-of-the-art wireless projects including the launch of the first 2G, 2.5G, and 3G networks and the launch of the Apple I-Phone.

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