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M2M Tracking as Protection against Counterfeiters: Fact not fiction

Posted by Norman Miglietta on 06/12/2012

A story in this week’s “Confident Consumer” column in the USA Today really got my hackles up. Counterfeiting is on the rise, and the nature of what’s being faked is posing a direct threat to human wellness and safety.

Cancer drugs that lack the critical therapeutic ingredient?

Fake ADHD medications that won’t do their job?

This is absolutely appalling. Counterfeit iPhones are one thing, but when we’re talking about a 200 percent rise in fraudulent pharmaceuticals, it’s a whole different ball game!

At KORE, our networks are being put to use in M2M tracking solutions to stop these would be counterfeiters. Typically it is between Point “A” and Point “B” when counterfeiters push their product into the system. But with covert, in-transit tracking devices, pharmaceutical companies and others can stay one step ahead. The KORE network is geared to maintain constant uptime across all terrain, for bona fide surveillance in fast-developing situations. It also facilitates micro data capture, so that complete history of a shipment or device can be quickly displayed for review and analysis.

In fact, our partner LoJack SCI is the only federally sanctioned supply chain security service that captures and analyzes historical incident and case information about theft, product diversion and counterfeit incidents within the cargo sector.

It is good to see media outlets such as the USA Today bring these issues to the forefront. For our part, we’re glad that M2M tracking has become a means to pre-empt these activities from happening in the first place. If the supply chain cannot be breached, there’s no opportunity for bad things to happen.

By Stein Soelberg, Director of Marketing

Stein leads a team whose responsibility is to own the branding, advertising, customer engagement, loyalty, partnership and public relations initiatives designed to propel KORE into the 21st century. With over 15 years of technology marketing experience in the business to business software, Internet services and telecommunications industries, Stein brings a proven track record of launching successful MVNOs and building those brands into leaders.

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