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MobileCON 2013 Recap: Is Healthcare becoming the Killer M2M App?

Posted by Norman Miglietta on 11/07/2013


A few weeks ago we speculated in these pages about whether MobileCON would reveal the market as waking up to the transition of M2M from a money saving instrument, to a money making instrument. After taking in the show and letting our thoughts sink in, we can report with certainty that folks across a number of vertical markets – public works, retail, oil and gas, finance and transportation (of course!) – are developing a more complete understanding of the role M2M can play in cutting out human latency from processes. But the thing that was most apparent –clear as day, in fact—is that healthcare has become the most obvious “killer application” for M2M, in a number of ways.

Our first indicator came in run up to the show actually, when in August a very unique company Adheretech selected KORE as the connectivity choice for its connected pill bottle application. The idea is to transmit real-time updates to patients and healthcare professionals whenever the patient takes his or her medication, noting which and how many pills were removed, so that patients are more likely to take the right medication at the right time. There are all kinds of benefits to be gained from prescription compliance, from the billions in hard costs saved by eliminating re-hospitalization due to improper prescription use, to the softer benefits such as simply fewer patient-to-provider phone calls.

And when Adheretech moved so quickly through its development phase that we would be able to showcase its pill bottle in our MobileCON booth, we figured we had a winner. Booth traffic at the show only bore our expectations out. The pill bottle was far and away the most popular item in our booth; attendees from far and wide gravitated toward it and asked extensively about its development and general availability.

But beyond that, the vast majority of prospective customers stopped by specifically to discuss one thing: “How can KORE help us launch our mHealth application.” And what struck us most of all about these innovators was the tangible sense that M2M is genuinely helping to establish and expand modern healthcare in regions of the world that have had little to no such access to date. One company for example is looking to develop what it calls a “Blood Lab in a Cartridge,” capable of testing not only for diseases such as HIV and malaria in the field, but also conducting a full tox screen and metabolic panel on the patient. M2M connectivity allows for data download to a central lab for full analysis and record keeping, within a matter of moments.

The implications for humanitarian causes such as Doctors Without Borders is astounding, and we at KORE are so proud just to have a chance to be part of it. With network resources from EE now in place to support urgent medical and urgent dispatch applications across the Middle East and Africa, it will not be long before we truly can say we’re changing the world for the better.

Robert Metzler, EVP Sales and Marketing

With over 20 years experience in leading winning sales teams, Bob joins KORE to drive adoption of KORE in the market by capitalizing on our unique service, management and billing capabilities, coupled with the most comprehensive and skilled network of partners, all dedicated to delivering the most reliable and relevant solutions for our customers, every day.

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