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My PH balance is off—The M2M-enabled milk container

Posted by Norman Miglietta on 07/11/2012

A few months back, we published a couple blog posts on the connected home. While some of the connected home applications are a bit futuristic, I recently read an article about the “Milkmaid,” a connected milk jug that tells its owner, via text message, when it’s almost empty or when its PH balance is off—in other words, when the milk has gone bad.

While the “smart” fridge that tells you when you need milk, eggs, ice cream, etc. has been a staple of the connected home example for years, the Milkmaid looks to be one the first products that we will be able to actually buy. It’s the first time since the days of physical milkmen deliveries where you can ensure the freshness of your milk.

This got me thinking about all of the ways in which M2M is helping ensure the quality of the foods we put into our bodies. For instance, KORE partners like Purfresh and Navman Wireless ensure the quality of produce as it moves through the supply chain. By checking cargo temperatures and other environmental factors, these intelligent fleet tracking applications ensure that we’re not buying sour grapes the next time we go to the grocery store.

Near-field M2M-powered cattle-tracking applications help ensure the quality of our meats by helping more quickly determine what cattle may have been exposed to say an infected animal. M2M applications track frozen goods throughout the supply chain similar to fresh produce, ensuring that products stay frozen by monitoring cargo temperature and cargo door openings/closings. Our partner Procuro does this for a number of leading restaurant chains.

While the Milkmaid may be one of the first food-related “connected” products that consumers can interact with directly, please don’t forget about all of the other ways that M2M is keeping your palate and your stomach safe from harm.

So the next time you’re going down the aisle at your local supermarket, make sure to thank M2M for that tasty filet or that fresh batch of bananas.

By Felix Chuang, Senior Product Manager

Felix Chuang is Senior Product Manager at KORE Telematics, an industry leader in the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) wireless market. He has more than fifteen years of experience in the Internet and wireless industries in a broad range of roles such as product management, business development, and operations.  He is currently focused on the KORE Global Connect product line, which provides a single SIM for M2M network service in 180+ countries and 230+ carriers.

He can be found on twitter at: @felixc and KORE Telematics can be found at: @koretelematics

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