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Partner Spotlight: GPSTrackIt.com Relies on M2M to Stop Reckless Driving

Posted by Norman Miglietta on 06/18/2013

The transportation of the 42 million disabled Americans is certainly an important one. From medical appointments to other daily activities, their safe and efficient transportation is critical.

Promoting Special Care and Health (PSCH) is a human service agency in New York that empowers 8,500 individuals and families to be more independent through the use of integrated services, including transportation. PSCH and its 2,000 employees own and operate 145 vehicles that are responsible for the transportation and safety of the disabled to and from their activities. With reckless driving on the rise within the agency, PSCH decided to take control of the situation and employ a KORE-powered vehicle tracking solution from GPSTrackIt.com, as well as a point system, a driving safety training course and a “Safety First” 800 number on their vehicles.

GPSTrackIt.com’s solution plays a vital role in the overall safety campaign of PSCH by providing quick and easy access to vehicle information. The solution helps manage drivers by noting when they arrive/depart from each location, while also monitoring for bad driver behavior and issuing warnings for speeding, idling or using vehicles for personal use. GPSTrackIt.com also delivers alerts and reporting for rapid acceleration, sudden stops and hard breaking. The solution not only focuses on the safety of the passengers, but also the safety of the driver by sending out email and text alerts when a driver is not wearing their seatbelt.

Each measure employed by PSCH serves to reinforce the importance of customer and employee safety, promoting safety practices with measurable reporting and analytics to ensure compliance. PSCH has realized a 60 percent reduction in speeding incidents over the last two years. In addition, it has seen a significant reduction in accidents and other transportation-related events. PSCH also implemented a fuel card reporting system through GPSTrackIt.com, allowing it to decrease fuel spending-related expenses by identifying fuel card abuse and wasteful behaviors.

Independence is something that non-disabled people take for granted. Transportation to and from daily activities and appointments is a huge factor in being independent. PSCH is committed to helping the disabled hold on to their independence, while also making sure that they get there safely with the help of KORE and GPSTrackIt.com.

By John Bean, Regional Sales Manager

With over 6 years of experience in the wireless industry specializing in wireless data applications and solutions, John joined KORE 3 years ago.  John’s main focus at KORE is in helping application service providers bring their M2M solutions to market using KORE network services.   His expertise in the M2M industry stems from his time at Omnilink Systems where he was Director of National Accounts.

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