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Partner Spotlight: LocusTraxx Helps Ensure Perishable Goods Stay Fresh

Posted by Norman Miglietta on 04/09/2013

Have you ever wondered how those Florida oranges make it all the way to your grocery store, ripe and fresh? Or what about those daisies you sent to your mom on Mother’s Day? Well you can thank M2M communications and companies like LocusTraxx for helping ensure that your perishable deliveries arrive on time and in peak freshness. Powered by the KORE network, LocusTraxx OverSight™ is a wireless dashboard that is connected and monitors the safety and security of shipments through automated self-reporting.

OverSight blends LocusTraxx’s SmartTraxx™ telematics with SmartTag™ wireless sensors to continuously monitor and send and receive data on shipment temperature, security and location of vehicles. This data is crucial in ensuring the timing and freshness of the perishable products being shipped. If the temperature in a truck full of meat gets too high, the fleet manager and driver are alerted to the issue in real-time, allowing them to correct it and save thousands of dollars in potential lost product.  

On one particular day in 2012, Allen Lund, a shipping company, was tasked with delivering 75 shipments of Valentine’s Day flowers out of Miami to locations along the East Coast. Along the route, eight loads triggered alerts that there was an issue with the delivery. Of those eight shipments, six of them were adjusted in the field by the drivers, while the other two trucks were redirected to a service center for repairs and back on the road in no time. In sum, all 75 shipments were delivered on time and in an acceptable condition, saving many people the trouble of being wrongfully blamed for forgetting Valentine’s Day.

LocusTraxx not only helped many consumers save face on Valentine’s Day, but it also helped Allen Lund save tens of thousands of dollars in potential lost revenue – all thanks to M2M-powered alerts. When it comes to the safety and security of perishable goods, LocusTraxx and KORE have you covered, no matter where you are.

Robert Metzler, EVP Sales and Marketing

With over 20 years experience in leading winning sales teams, Bob joins KORE to drive adoption of KORE in the market by capitalizing on our unique service, management and billing capabilities, coupled with the most comprehensive and skilled network of partners, all dedicated to delivering the most reliable and relevant solutions for our customers, every day.

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