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Somebody is listening – Tracking trees in the Amazon now reality

Posted by Norman Miglietta on 01/17/2013

For anyone who’s been in business for any length of time, you know that sooner or later you start catching up with your tail on the other side (even if you aren’t chasing it). Such was the case this morning when I came across an M2M application from Gemalto designed to thwart illegal deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

We have long talked in these pages about the sustainability implications of M2M technology, whether to conserve water and energy or to track the movement of lions in Kenya. In fact, earlier in the year we spotlighted the opportunity for M2M to protect against tree poaching in old growth forests, when we read about an 800-year-old cedar that had been illegally removed from a park on southern Vancouver Island.

And now our predictions are becoming reality.

Gemalto has devised a way to use M2M networks in Brazil to track trees in protected areas using tiny sensors, which allows officials to instantly detect unauthorized logging activities. It seems counterintuitive that you would ever have to “track” a tree, but the application illustrates a key advantage of M2M networking. Even if an asset isn’t mobile and moving across the globe, sometimes it is located in such a remote location that it can elude traditional satellite surveillance and radio monitoring. But when you are able to combine multi-technology cellular with satellite in a single network resource, as we do at KORE, the possibilities increase exponentially.

We congratulate Gemalto for taking up this important work, and for its creative use of M2M technology. Kudos.

By Stein Soelberg, Director of Marketing

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Stein leads a team whose responsibility is to own the branding, advertising, customer engagement, loyalty, partnership and public relations initiatives designed to propel KORE into the 21st century. With over 15 years of technology marketing experience in the business to business software, Internet services and telecommunications industries, Stein brings a proven track record of launching successful MVNOs and building those brands into leaders.


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