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The Realities of a More Open M2M

Posted by Norman Miglietta on 07/16/2013

Open M2M formats have been a point of discussion within the industry for several years now. The potential benefits of interoperability have been proven time and again in other areas of IT, and I for one think the M2M market will follow suit…and the government may be one of the biggest drivers.

For instance, I just read a Government Computer News article on the role of M2M formats in emergencies. The article advocates for open M2M formats that would eliminate the current delays in manually moving (often through copying & pasting) M2M data from one application to another. These delays often render critical data in emergency situations obsolete once it is able to be communicated or analyzed. Often times, this data is not communicated quickly enough to help early responders and community members. In fact, President Obama recently issued an executive order to ensure that new government IT systems and existing systems currently being modernized are able to read all open machine data formats.

Another driver toward M2M interoperability will be enterprise customers that have been pushing IT vendors for more “open” solutions for years. Most large organizations will avoid “vendor lock in” at all costs to ensure that they’re able to adapt their businesses more quickly and more cost effectively. This push is helping drive M2M solutions out of the single-use, single-user profile to becoming more integrated with existing enterprise infrastructures that can benefit more users across departments. The relationships KORE has established with leading M2M development and integration platform leaders, ILS Technology and ThingWorx are good examples of this trend. Ensuring M2M applications and their subsequent data feeds integrate with existing enterprise heavyweights such as ERP, business intelligence, customer relationship management and supply chain applications is rising up the priority list of today’s CIO.

With so much talk of open M2M formats, the entire M2M ecosystem - from service providers like KORE to the device manufacturers and application developers - needs to be cognizant of how this may impact their business. As with most open formats and universal standards, the entire industry must get behind them. KORE fully supports open M2M formats that will help advance the industry and we continue to work with our partners and customers to ensure that all of our network services are compatible with the latest industry standards. 

By Felix Chuang, Senior Product Manager

Felix Chuang is Senior Product Manager at KORE Telematics, an industry leader in the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) wireless market. He has more than fifteen years of experience in the Internet and wireless industries in a broad range of roles such as product management, business development, and operations.  He is currently focused on the KORE Global Connect product line, which provides a single SIM for M2M network service in 180+ countries and 230+ carriers.

He can be found on twitter at: @felixc and KORE Telematics can be found at: @koretelematics

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