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What is the International M2M Council (IMC), anyway?

Posted by Norman Miglietta on 07/10/2013

Recently, KORE announced that it had become a founding member of the International M2M Council, joining the likes of Deutsche Telekom, Digi, Huawei, Oracle, ORBCOMM and Telit to help ease integration, reduce total cost of ownership and improve speed-to-market for emerging M2M applications. We owe it to our customers to share a few words of explanation for what the IMC is, and the organization’s goals.

Since there has been a spate of purported “M2M industry associations” over the past 12 or so months, let me begin by talking about how IMC is different from other M2M industry groups. In short, the IMC is all about achieving scale. The stated mission is to increase deployment volumes by fostering connections between M2M Solution Providers and Adopters. While research is a key component to our activities, this is not a think-tank but a hands-on, action-oriented and ‘market making’ organization.

It is no secret that M2M deployments integrate multiple hardware and connectivity technologies, and we embrace that fact. We believe that being able to use well-developed and standardized technologies can foster better creativity and growth for the industry. Further to that point, we believe different vertical markets, while varying widely in focus and scope, can share information and learn from each other about M2M best practices. The way a logistics company solved a particular challenge could very well be of use to a telehealth provider or even a point of sale solution provider. That is why we aim to become, in effect, a clearing house for M2M applications, where adopters in one vertical can see how adopters in another are putting M2M to use, and learn from them.

Finally, the IMC has a global focus. This is a large reason why KORE was tapped to become a founding member. We, and our IMC colleagues, understand that connected devices cannot afford to be landlocked in one region or another if the true value of global M2M is to be exposed. They must be free to roam about the globe,offering the best local network connectivity at an affordable and commercially acceptable price.

Over the next few months, the IMC has some very specific projects on the calendar to note.

Adopter Benchmarking Index – Starting in Q3 2013, the IMC will conduct research in attempt to map the most important Adopter communities in the M2M industry, as well as business metrics that they require for success. We will begin by tracking which departments within Adopter organizations take responsibility for M2M deployments and, from there, work to establish a reference point for business metrics such as Total Cost of Ownership and Capital Expenditures as related to M2M. Research will be based on survey data obtained from M2M Adopters themselves.

M2M Adopter Merit Awards (MAMA) – The IMC has designed an awards program for M2M Solutions Providers, to be judged by M2M Adopters as a means to showcase what’s working. The “MAMAs” will be presented for the first time in Q1 2014; keep an eye out for the call to submit later in 2013.

M2M University – The IMC plans introduce a professional education program for M2M Adopters in Q2 2014. We are currently working with a team of curriculum developers to develop a full certification program on the ins and outs of M2M.

In you are interested in learning more about the IMC’s efforts and what it has to offer, you can visit Im2mC.org or give the KORE account team a call.

by Alex Brisbourne, President and COO

As the president and chief operating officer of KORE, Alex has over 20 years of experience in the networking and telecommunications industry, in Europe, North America and Asia. His expertise and areas of concentration center around wireless, enterprise and fixed line services. In his current role at KORE, he continually strives to improve company growth, by ensuring the M2M marketplace and KORE customers are well served by members of the KORE team worldwide.

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