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M2M Healthcare Applications that Improve the Quality of Care - and Life

Improving the quality of care, adding convenience and squeezing costs is a recurring theme in the 21st century as the baby-boomer populace continues to expand and the world population increases.


With complexity of diagnosis increasing, M2M healthcare applications can put an expert 'on the spot'almost anywhere in the world or allow a doctor to monitor a patient from almost anywhere that patient lives or travels.

M2M remote patient monitoring solutions being developed, sold and deployed range widely from tracking-type systems, such as in managed care facilities or for Alzheimer's patients to prescription compliance use-cases designed to efficiently monitor and manage patient prescription use. As an example, the Ontario health system estimates that some 30% of dispensed drug programs are not run to completion - costing the province not only tens of millions of dollars in waste, but also due to patients returning with recurrent symptoms.

Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly studying the use of wireless technologies during clinical trials - reducing error rates and ensuring that participants take dosage on schedule. The result? More rapid testing completion during clinical trials helps to deliver new medicines to the market faster and more cost effectively.

KORE's M2M Remote Patient
Monitoring Solutions Can Help

KORE understands what it takes to deliver wireless data and has partnered with leading healthcare technology companies to provide integrated and optimized M2M healthcare applications services. For example, a remote patient monitoring solution provider can provide comprehensive connectivity for patients using remote monitoring devices, allowing the patient to travel to over 180 countries worldwide without incurring expensive roaming overages.

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