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Partnering to Put the 'Smart' in Smart Grid and AMI Wireless Network Service

Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) wireless network service requires reliable, cost-effective data backhaul communication services. KORE offers reliable, cost effective, wireless backhaul solutions for the utility industry via our M2M utility services like PRiSMPro Gateway, our business management platform equipped with a single interface for provisioning and control for both GSM and CDMA cellular services, as well as satellite network services. KORE makes it easy to deploy AMI wireless network service, or any wireless machine-to-machine application in a matter of days, delivering the most cost-effective solution for backhaul communications in the market today.

Partnering to Put the 'Smart' in Smart Grid and AMI Wireless Network Service


The same KORE wireless network services that support AMI Backhaul are well-suited for optimizing Smart Grid applications. Whether the application requires aggregation of many units into a higher bandwidth node, or collector, or many single units requiring high bandwidth, or scattered coverage for many low usage devices, KORE offers secure, bi-directional data services to meet the needs of the application being supported.

How KORE's M2M Utility Services Can Help

KORE understands what it takes to deliver wireless data and has partnered with leading utility Smart Grid OEM technology and AMI wireless network service companies to deliver integrated and optimized M2M utility services to a wide array of leading utility companies in the United States. KORE offers optimized rate plans for utility customers including pooled plans for low usage demand response applications, or for more data intense requirements, higher bandwidth usage plans.


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