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Kore Telematics' Machine-to-Machine Network Surpasses 500 Device Mark

Posted by Alex Brisbourne on Jul 13, 2010
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  Leading M2M Application Developers Leverage KORE Network   Platform and Rich Library of Approved Devices to Accelerate   Time-to-Market and Innovation

Atlanta, GA—July 13, 2010—KORE   Telematics, the world's largest digital wireless services provider   specializing in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, today announced   that more than 500 unique M2M devices now thrive on its network. With a   comprehensive pool of approved, tested and high-availability devices at   their disposal, KORE application service provider (ASP) partners are   able to bring innovative M2M applications to market more quickly than   ever.
  By providing more device and network options than any network   provider in the industry, KORE gives its partners the power to choose   the specific device that meets the exacting requirements of any M2M   application. For instance, devices can be matched to selection criteria   such as network support (GSM or CDMA), physical size, weight, battery   life, cost and a number of additional performance characteristics.
  In the past 12 months, KORE has added support for 63 new   devices, with growing demand in vertical industries such as telehealth,   payment processing and utilities. In 2009, more than 20 percent of the   company's net device additions came from health-related applications.
  "Offering the widest selection of both GSM and CDMA devices is   essential to getting our partners' M2M applications to market as quickly   as possible," said Alex Brisbourne, president and COO, KORE Telematics.   "It is quite simple, really. Pre-approved devices eliminate the time   and cost demands associated with bringing new end-use scenarios on line,   so that our partners can focus exclusively on developing the M2M   applications that will reduce more costs, improve more lives and produce   more top-line growth. KORE achieved this important milestone through   ongoing investment in accelerated testing and certification processes   across both GSM and CDMA product portfolios."
  KORE Telematics supports an extensive pool of devices, all   offered on the M2M industry's most reliable and ubiquitous IP network.   KORE supports 341 GSM devices across 95 vendors, including Cinterion,   Sierra Wireless, Enfora and Telit, as well as 197 CDMA devices from 42   vendors, including Sierra Wireless, BlueTree, Calamp and Novatel. This   includes nine devices in the telehealth market, 14 devices in the   payment processing market and 15 devices in the utilities industry.
  For a full list of devices supported by the KORE network, please go to:

About KORE Telematics
  KORE Telematics is the world's largest fully digital wireless   network provider specializing exclusively on the rapidly-expanding   machine-to-machine (M2M) communications market. Companies in fields as   diverse as security, utilities, health care and fleet management, as   well as government agencies, are implementing M2M solutions to achieve   productivity gains, cost management, environmental improvement and to   expand customer services. Through its extensive network of application   and hardware partners, KORE enables complete solutions for vehicle   tracking, homeland security, automated metering and dozens of other M2M   applications. KORE's long-term, direct agreements with Tier 1 wireless   operator partners allow it to offer a range of technologies—including   GSM, HSPA, CDMA and EV-DO—that ensures the greatest possible reliability   and coverage. For more information, please visit www.koretelematics.com.

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