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Beecham Research Survey Finds Worldwide Machine-to-Machine Implementations Play Increasing Role in Competitive Markets

Posted by Alex Brisbourne on Nov 06, 2008
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Reston, VA - Nov 6, 2008KORE Telematics, the world's largest digital wireless services provider specializing in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, today announced that it co-sponsored the new Beecham Research report, "Business Opportunities from Remote Device Management: Adopter Survey 2008." The full results of the survey are available for free download by registering on the KORE Website.

The survey reflects increasing recognition of the combined bottom and top line business impact of M2M networked solutions. The worldwide survey of early adopters of M2M remote device management found that 82 percent of respondents viewed M2M enablement as very important or critical to their company's success. The leading reasons to adopt M2M were driving competitive advantage and creating new service opportunities, reflecting a growing trend from passive monitoring to active business value creation.

"We see a great deal of activity in all business sectors worldwide towards implementing M2M to take advantage of new service opportunities," said Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO, Beecham Research."Beecham Research strongly believes that companies that have not yet explored these possibilities are already at risk of severe competitive disadvantage."

"The Beecham Research survey furthers the feedback we hear every day from our partners, who rely on our M2M services to drive their business advantages," said Alex Brisbourne, president and COO of KORE Telematics. "KORE remains 100% focused on superior support for our M2M partners, powering innovative M2M applications that reduce costs, save energy and drive revenue growth."

Beecham Research (www.beechamresearch.com) conducted the international survey of M2M adopters in August and September 2008, eliciting more than 260 responses from a strong cross-section of companies across vertical markets and geographic regions. Just under half of the respondents represented companies that make less then $10 million in annual sales, and 20 percent of respondents represented companies with more than $1 billion in annual sales. The survey represented nine vertical markets, largest of which were industrial equipment/automation, transportation, asset control, building management and utility management.

Detailed Survey Results
The survey results showed that the majority of respondents viewed staying competitive, creating new service opportunities, remote monitoring/data gathering and the creation of new service opportunities as key drivers for using M2M-enabled solutions. Specific survey findings include:

• Eighty two percent of respondents regarded remote network enablement as Very Important to their business success. Almost 65% cited 'staying competitive' and/or 'creating new service opportunities' as the drivers - moving the focus of deployment from passive monitoring to active business value creation.

• Sixty-eight percent of respondents use only cellular networks to power their M2M applications while 26 percent use a combined cellular and satellite network.

• The survey showed increasing demand for M2M network services in multiple geographic markets, with 52 percent of respondents citing this requirement as increasingly important in the M2M network decision-making process.

• Forty percent of M2M applications are only B2B focused, while 56 percent are both B2B and B2C focused. This finding points to a potential trend towards greater Consumer applications to be deployed via M2M networking capability.

• The greatest challenge for early adopters was integrating valuable data collected from remote products/devices with their internal IT systems, as well as developing new support structures.

Recognizing the challenges of data integration and support as critical to a successful M2M launch, deployment and lifecycle, KORE provides its partners with a full suite of management capabilities, enabling automated activations of remote devices, real-time control, monitoring of usage and alarms, and more, via the KORE PRISM™ Gateway platform. This industry-leading management and control capability includes a suite of reporting and performance management tools, and a business-ready API, which securely and scalably integrates with partners' existing business applications and back-end systems. Customers see services from KORE as more than just reliable connectivity—KORE empowers its partners to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy highly customized solutions - solutions – via direct, reliable connectivity to the extensive CDMA and GSM networks of KORE Tier 1 carrier partners in North America and globally via the m2mGlobal® Alliance.

KORE is dedicated to helping its partners reduce business costs and drive profitable growth in today's challenging business environment. In turn, KORE partners deliver innovative, valuable solutions for automated "smart homes," real-time asset tracking and personal location, commercial and residential security, overt and covert surveillance and tracking systems, broad-scale automated power metering and utility "SmartGrid" control, fuel and time saving long-haul and regional fleet management, modern vehicle telematics and theft recovery, reliable and mobile payment processing and much more, to both industry and government.

The survey was co-sponsored by KORE and other international market participants in the global M2M value chain. For more information about the Beecham Research survey or to access the full 37-page report, please visit www.koretelematics.com/beecham.

About Beecham Research
Beecham Research (www.beechamresearch.com) operates globally and is focused exclusively on the M2M market – the Internet of Things. Headquartered in London UK, the firm also has offices in Boston MA, Bonn Germany and Milan Italy with further local representation planned. The firm offers standard reports as well as tailored research and business development services, with staff who have long experience of business management in high technology supply and service companies as well as in consulting and market analysis.

About KORE Telematics
KORE Telematics is the world's largest fully digital wireless network provider focused exclusively on the rapidly-expanding machine-to-machine (M2M) communications market. Companies in fields as diverse as security, utilities, health care and fleet management, as well as government agencies, are implementing M2M solutions to achieve productivity gains, cost management, environmental improvement and to expand customer services. Through its extensive network of application and hardware partners, KORE enables complete solutions for vehicle tracking, homeland security, automated metering and dozens of other M2M applications. Finally, KORE maintains long-term, direct agreements with Tier 1 wireless operator partners that allow it to offer a range of technologies—including GSM, CDMA and EV-DO—that ensures the greatest possible reliability and coverage. For more information, please visit www.koretelematics.com.

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