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KORE Telematics and InSight USA Deliver Digital Just-in-Time Vehicle Tracking

Posted by Alex Brisbourne on Mar 26, 2007
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Real-time Management Oversight of Mobile Workforce and Fleets Cut Operating Costs, Improve Productivity and Increase Profitability

CTIA Wireless 2007, Orlando, FL — March 26, 2007 — KORE Telematics, North America's largest independent provider of wireless GSM services for the machine to machine (M2M) market, and InSight USA, a pioneer of GPS tracking services for fleet management, today announced that together, the companies have enabled hundreds of enterprises to increase productivity and cut operating costs by up to 8%.  Productivity gains were especially noticeable for dynamic transportation companies where time is a factor — such as ambulatory services, taxi companies and towing businesses.

There are more than 20 million service and delivery fleet vehicles in operation in the U.S.  With today's high fuel costs, just the fuel and maintenance expense alone can be astronomical for any company to bear.  For example, a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency study showed that trucks, left idling for long periods of time, waste approximately 960 million gallons of diesel fuel each year. It's the drivers, not business owners, who control some 80% of the variable costs associated with trucking, and real-time data collection allows owners to more closely manage this behavior.

For that reason, more and more company owners track their fleet vehicles with GPS wireless technology.  Real-time information — including idling time, fuel consumption, driving speeds, vehicle location and employee work time — enables business owners to make informed decisions about driver performance, customer service and efficient routing.

Founded in 1998, InSight USA was among the first companies to pioneer GPS tracking, transforming it into the technology that it is today. The company's StreetEagle™ application provides "real-time" management oversight to any company with a mobile workforce, regardless of size.  With thousands of installations, StreetEagle™ has become recognized as one of the most capable GPS Tracking solutions on the market.

Coupled with KORE's digital wireless service designed specifically for machine-to-machine communication for market segments such as vehicle and asset tracking, InSight has been able to deliver wireless Just-in-Time tracking – also known as Active tracking – for companies that need to locate its drivers at any given moment, from coast to coast in North America.

"In our work with many fleet managers, we regularly receive feedback that the use of intelligent vehicle tracking has had a noticeable impact on their operations – many citing an increase in their productivity by at least 10% and a reduction their operating costs by more than 8%," said John Eller, president for InSight USA.

"Our StreetEagle service has helped improve visibility by enabling fleet managers to instantly know the location of every vehicle in their fleet; improve productivity and performance by improving employee accountability and responsibility while at the same time decreasing unauthorized vehicle use; improve customer service by providing their customers with a status location instantly and provide a time of arrival; and make more efficient routing decisions," added Eller.

Recent findings in an eyefortransport survey support this.  The report cites 48% of enterprises consider improved internal efficiencies such as fuel and route management as the most important return on investment (ROI) for adopting fleet tracking technologies.  Improved customer service, at 36%, was the second most important ROI factor for enterprises. 

"At KORE Telematics, we understand the particular needs of the fleet telematics market – that wireless technology adoption must measurably impact the organization and provide strong ROI," said Alex Brisbourne, president and chief operating officer for KORE Telematics.

"We work closely with application service provider partners such as Insight USA to provide a wireless service that addresses a fleet manager's day-to-day challenges.  For example, trucks may be furloughed and so monthly network fees should be minimized, and cross border services need dependable roaming support at attractive rates," added Brisbourne. 

Vincent Limo, a company based in the state of New York that utilizes the combined InSight USA and KORE Telematics services, concurs with these benefits.  "Having real-time GPS has both narrowed our perspective and broadened the scope of our business," said Vincent Cannariato, President for Vincent Limo.

"With the real-time alerts, we are immediately notified via text message or email if one of our drivers is speeding.  The dispatcher is then able to contact the driver and inform the driver they have exceeded the speeding threshold.  This makes for a safer driving environment for everyone.  It has also strengthened our relationships with our drivers and our customers," concluded Cannariato.

About InSight USA:
Founded in 1998, InSight USA was among the first companies to pioneer GPS Tracking, transforming it into the technology that it is today. With thousands of installations worldwide, Insight's StreetEagle™ product has become recognized as one of the most capable GPS Tracking solutions on the market. StreetEagle™ provides effective management oversight to any company with a mobile workforce, providing specific information needed to cut operating costs, improve productivity, and increase profitability.

InSight is headquartered in the Washington DC metropolitan area, with dealers located throughout the US.  InSight USA is a privately owned company committed to the success of customers, employees, partners, and suppliers.  For more information, visit www.mds-inc.com.

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