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KORE Telematics and Worldwide Partners combine to form the m2mGlobal® Alliance - providing Seamless Worldwide M2M Connectivity Solutions

Posted by Alex Brisbourne on Sep 24, 2008
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Machine-to-Machine Wireless Users Now Provided with a Unified Network Solution for Global Applications

Reston, VA and TORONTO, ON— Sept 24, 2008KORE Telematics today announced the launch of the m2mGlobal Alliance, addressing the needs of North American companies and ASP's to immediately expand their business in overseas markets previously only available through roaming or expensive-to-support individual agreements in expanded international markets.

"Our customers have increasingly been asking for the ability to service their customers as they expand from their domestic base," commented Alex Brisbourne, president and COO for KORE Telematics. "We examined their needs closely and concluded that the ability to provide focused, dedicated, M2M services in overseas markets needed both Direct Connect carrier service delivery and local 24/7 system support. Technical and support competency, cost effectiveness and local service capability are keys to the success of M2M services, which can eliminate risks for ASP's and Enterprises alike as these services must be sustainable and reliable over perhaps 5 to 7 year life cycles. Through the m2mGlobal Alliance, our customers benefit from one-stop support, proven capability, consistent platforms and a great service price," concluded Brisbourne.

The m2mGlobal Alliance, founded in conjunction with leading M2M providers in markets from Europe to Australasia, harnesses the skills and long-term relationships of specialized organizations able to deliver a broad set of GSM services in world markets. KORE, as a pioneer in the digital M2M market, worked closely over more than a year with other leading organizations before launching this new service capability. "Providing one service, with a single price book, and single support point, through a common gateway platform – PRISM™ – in many world markets is, we believe, a most compelling alternative to roam-only solutions currently available with their risk of disruption over long M2M lifecycles," commented Brisbourne.

Available with immediate effect, KORE customers may deliver service in a number of markets overseas with all the benefits of local service and support. International customers may enjoy all the benefits of the KORE portfolio of services in the North American market, without needing to deal with time zone or other support concerns.

In addition to the markets already served through Direct Connect relationships in USA and Canada, to this are added 11 further local markets (in addition to more than 135 roaming countries supported by KORE) including United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand.

About m2mGlobal Alliance
A Delaware corporation, m2mGlobal is an organization of market leading M2M specialised network providers operating in a number of markets throughout the world. m2mGlobal members manage and maintain long-term, direct connect, national network service agreements with the leading cellular operators in their home markets, and provide standardized support and network services to be used by each member's customers. Through one contract, enterprises and applications providers may purchase, support, troubleshoot and deliver local services from one provider, in their home market. Founding members include KORE Telematics Inc; Mach Communications Pty Ltd; Wireless Maingate AB and Vianet Ltd. For more information, please visit www.m2mGlobal.com.

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