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KORE Telematics Announces Wireless GSM Voice Services to Enhance its Expanding M2M Network Offerings

Posted by Norman Miglietta on Oct 23, 2007

Secure, On-Demand, Low-Use Voice Services Enable KORE Partners and Customers to Improve Existing Business Practices with More Versatile M2M Applications

KORE Telematics, North America’s largest independent provider of digital wireless services for the machine-to-machine (M2M), telematics and telemetry markets, today announced a new suite of voice service offerings for the M2M market. KORE’s leading digital data wireless network will now feature cost-effective, low-use voice services designed to enhance existing M2M applications, helping organizations improve security, customer service and operational processes.

Already providing basic voice service to tens of thousands of users, KORE’s new packaged voice service offerings will make it easier for application service providers to embed and manage voice technology in their M2M applications. KORE’s comprehensive suite of voice offerings will be integrated into the company’s leading PRISMTM service management portal, enabling customers and partners to more easily manage the services and costs associated with their M2M applications.

"As M2M applications become more critical in business and our daily lives, users expect improved levels of service and communication from these networked devices," said Mike Stephens, vice president of product management, KORE Telematics. "While KORE’s extensive, all-digital wireless network is already powering hundreds of thousands of M2M-based devices with the data transmission services our customers and partners were requesting, integration of voice capabilities is helping them drive further M2M application innovation. When they speak, we listen, and we hope these new voice offerings serve to reinforce KORE’s position as the most comprehensive M2M wireless network provider in North America."

Voice services are becoming more prevalent and valuable to M2M and telematics applications across a number of vertical industries. For example, voice becomes critical to reach call centers in the event of an emergency or for delivery services. Voice services can also greatly enhance the safety and security features of today’s existing M2M applications, such as security systems that want to ensure owners are safe, security companies that need to monitor guards, and the ability to speak with medical patients during healthcare monitoring.

KORE’s wireless voice services are specifically designed for low recurring use, and not intended to displace high-minute cellular services. The KORE voice service suite provides customers and application service provider partners with a number of options for fulfilling their voice needs, including:

  1. Dispatch Voice—one-way voice communication service enables calls initiated by a wireless device to a central point, ensuring that there is no opportunity for fraud.
  2. Enhanced Dispatch Voice—two-way voice communication enables calls to be initiated from a call center to a wireless device, and ensures that no charges will be generated outside of the closed system.
  3. Two-way Dialable Voice—similar to consumer voice services, the two-way service enables wireless devices to be reached through a dialable number with security applications such as a caller line ID. This service can also include E911 and voicemail options.
  4. Roaming Support—for all services, KORE provides support in both domestic and international roaming markets.
  5. PRISM Gateway Integration—enables customers to manage all aspects of the SIM provisioning directly within their own application with the PRISM Integration Toolkit (API). This enables customers to gain full control of network features sets, such as service features, roaming support and device activation and suspension.

KORE will be demonstrating the power of its M2M wireless network at booth #1325 at the CTIA WIRELESS I.T. & Entertainment 2007 conference, taking place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from October 23 – 25, 2007, and at booth #517 in the Mobile Business Expo at Interop New York, taking place at The Javits Center in New York October 24 and 25, 2007.

About KORE Telematics
KORE Telematics, through its long-term direct service agreements and extensive infrastructure support, is at the center of the expanding M2M field. The company maintains a network operations center capable of managing all aspects of its network as well as call management, billing services, connectivity control, and Web-based SIM and device service management. These facility investments, combined with network services from the leading North American GSM/GPRS and CDMA/1xRTT and EV-DO carrier partners, assure users of seamless and high availability voice-and-data transmission capability for all their M2M needs. For more information, please visit www.koretelematics.com

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