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KORE Telematics Extends Agreement with Fido to Provide All-Digital Services for Machine-to-Machine Communications across Canada..

Posted by Alex Brisbourne on Feb 27, 2008
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Herndon, VA and Toronto, ON — February 25, 2008—KORE Telematics (www.koretelematics.com), North America’s largest independent provider of digital wireless services for the machine-to-machine (M2M), telematics and telemetry markets, today announced that Homeland Integrated Security Systems (HISS) has selected the KORE network to power its Cyber Tracker tracking and asset management application. With the KORE M2M wireless network, HISS gains a higher service level and network self-control capability, enhances customer service and creates additional service revenue potential.

The KORE wireless network will power HISS’s Cyber Tracker M2M application, a revolutionary "Smart Box" GPS tracking device that is used in a number of industries to track and report on vehicle location, speeds, cargo and additional custom activities. HISS will use the KORE network to wirelessly communicate vehicle and location data from the Cyber Tracker device to any desired machine, from cell phones to personal computers. For instance, Cyber Tracker uses the KORE network to send real-time, wireless data about school bus movements, including speed, location, oil pressure, stop light functions and interior bus temperature to school and local transportation administrators.

"With a global customer base, it was important for us to select a M2M wireless network provider with ubiquitous, all-digital services and the ability to scale with our growth," said Brian Riley, COO of Homeland Integrated Security Systems. "With the KORE network, we can provide our customers with reliable wireless network coverage, quickly and easily offer additional product features and increase our services revenue."

Prior to partnering with KORE, HISS customers would work directly with consumer-focused wireless carries to purchase the airtime required to run the Cyber Tracker application. By partnering with KORE, HISS can offer its own private-label wireless network as part of the Cyber Tracker service package. This provides HISS with the ability to more efficiently manage wireless network services through the KORE PRISMTM management portal and drive additional revenues through wireless network service fees. 

"Providers of M2M asset tracking applications are demanding more and more from the wireless networks that support their services," said Alex Brisbourne, president and COO of KORE Telematics. "In today’s IP-centric world, only an all-digital network provides the ability to quickly and easily scale with an organization’s demand for more wireless bandwidth for data and voice services. In addition, KORE enables its partners to offer reliable wireless network services to their customers, helping increase service revenue and improve customer service."

In 2007, KORE expanded its service portfolio to include CDMA 2.5G and 3G network services, giving more choice of industry standard IP service offerings for telemetry, telematics and M2M adopters. Today, KORE manages more all-digital end-point connections than any other service provider, driving adoption of machine-based communications across a wide cross-section of organizations in the public sector, retail, supply chain, security and utility industries. Harvesting remote data for process automation, improved efficiency and even crime prevention, these organizations are rapidly accelerating adoption of standard, IP-centric services.

About Homeland Integrated Security Systems
Homeland Integrated Security Systems owns proprietary technology in conjunction with its Cyber Tracker product line. Cyber Tracker technology has applications for data and tracking functions across a variety of industries, utilizing CDMA, IDEN, and GSM technologies. In addition, the use of satellite technology in conjunction with the Cyber Tracker is under development.  For more information please visit our website www.hissusa.com.

About KORE Telematics
KORE Telematics, through its long-term direct service agreements and extensive infrastructure support, is at the center of the expanding M2M field. The company maintains a network operations center capable of managing all aspects of its network as well as call management, billing services, connectivity control, and Web-based SIM and device service management. These facility investments, combined with network services from the leading North American GSM/GPRS and CDMA/1xRTT and EV-DO carrier partners, assure users of seamless and high availability voice-and-data transmission capability for all their M2M needs. For more information, please visit www.koretelematics.com.

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