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KORE Telematics Extends Agreement with Fido to Provide All-Digital Services for Machine-to-Machine Communications across Canada1

Posted by Alex Brisbourne on Feb 25, 2008
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Herndon, VA and Toronto, ON — February 25, 2008—KORE Telematics (www.koretelematics.com), North America's largest independent provider of digital wireless services for the machine-to-machine (M2M), telematics and telemetry markets, today announced that it has expanded its reseller agreement with Fido in Canada. KORE now has access to the largest digital services footprint in Canada, providing its customers and application service provider (ASPs) partners with access to GPRS data, SMS and low-use voice services designed to enable today's evolving M2M applications. The new service is available as of March 1 to all KORE customers.

KORE's ubiquitous IP-packet wireless services stand without peer in reliability and terrestrial coverage for demanding M2M applications. The upgrade with Fido not only expands the footprint coverage in Canada, but also makes it easier for ASPs to embed and manage voice technology in their M2M applications. Available immediately, these new services are transparent for existing M2M service providers already with KORE, and make cross-border expansion into Canada seamless for new and existing partners.

"Reliability and coverage are paramount when it comes to M2M applications such as asset tracking, fleet management, logistics, offender monitoring and environmental control," said Alex Brisbourne, president and COO of KORE Telematics. "The new agreement with Fido not only expands KORE's ability to make M2M perform when, where and however it is needed, but also grants our ASP partners the ability to broaden their application and service offerings with the addition of on-demand voice capabilities."

"The new services availability has been critical to the expansion of our Canadian business plan," commented Bill Quinney, president, Longview Advantage Ltd. "Managing high-value assets in the fleet, oil and gas industries, covering almost all populated areas and highways of Canada, means we can sell to more customers where asset locations may be constantly changing. Seamlessly upgrading this through the KORE system means immediate customer benefits," Quinney concluded.

Today, KORE manages more all-digital end-point connections in North America than any other service provider, driving adoption of machine-based communications across a wide cross-section of organizations in the public sector, retail, supply chain, security and utility industries. Harvesting remote data for process automation, improved efficiency and even crime prevention, these organizations are rapidly accelerating adoption of standard, IP-centric services.

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