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KORE Telematics Names Edward Drew Director of National Utility Market Development

Posted by Alex Brisbourne on Feb 21, 2008
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Drew to Lead KORE's Response to the Utility Market's Demand for Machine-to- Machine Powered Automated Meter Infrastructure Applications

Herndon, VA and Toronto, ON — April 21, 2008—KORE Telematics (www.koretelematics.com), North America's largest independent provider of digital wireless services for the machine-to-machine (M2M), telematics and telemetry markets, today announced Edward Drew as the company's director of national utility market business development. Drew brings more than 10 years of leadership experience in the utilities, telecommunications and technology industries to spearhead KORE's response to the utility market's increasing demand for more powerful wireless M2M applications.

By enabling rapid deployment of secure two-way communications for mission critical utility applications such as automated metering infrastructure (AMI), demand response, distribution automation, fleet management and other smart grid applications, KORE is helping utility companies to reduce costs, improve service and add value. By using M2M to wirelessly collect subscriber, plant and distribution infrastructure information, utility companies can manage energy consumption in real time to optimize their distribution networks and minimize power outages. Using the KORE wireless M2M network to power the smart grid also enables utility companies to more accurately track energy consumption, a feature that has been proven to contribute to energy conservation. KORE and its application service provider partners provide utility companies with a better model for long-term efficiency and savings, as well as value-added services including prepaid metering and time-of-use pricing.

"The utility market is rapidly adopting M2M applications to reduce costs associated with onsite meter readings," said Alex Brisbourne, president and chief operating officer, KORE. "Ed will lead KORE's response to this growing market demand for AMIintegrated applications, so providing utility companies and M2M application service providers with a reliable end-to-end digital wireless network that enables the secure transmission of vital service management data. With his utility control and continuity 2 management experience, Ed is ideally suited to help KORE develop specific solutions to meet the unique needs of utilities.

"Prior to joining KORE, Drew was vice president of sales and business development at Corporate Systems Engineering, LLC, a provider of energy management solutions for electric utilities. At Corporate Systems Engineering, Drew coordinated all customer activities including software, services and hardware sales and support. Prior to Corporate Systems Engineering, Drew was vice president of business development at CURRENT Group, LLC, where he led the transition of CURRENT from a broadband-over-power access company to a SmartGrid services company providing enterprise class software control for distribution automation of electric utility grids.

"With aging infrastructure, federal and state regulatory pressures and a real need to enable a truly automated power grid, KORE is targeting one of the fastest growing technology segments of the utility market," said Drew. "With its seasoned management team and North America's largest digital M2M network, KORE is ideally positioned to power the innovative smart grid AMI applications now coming to market.

"Prior to CURRENT Group, Drew was director of sales for Alcatel, where he coordinated sales of more then $1B of telecommunication equipment. Drew also held the positions of U.S. account development manager at Texas Instruments Semiconductors and Lieutenant in the U.S. Naval Nuclear Submarine Force. Drew earned a BS in computer science from the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md.

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