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KORE Wireless and CriticalWireless Business Partnership Produces M2M Efficiency and Success

Posted by Alex Brisbourne on Jul 19, 2006
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Companies' Specialized Capabilities Create a Perfect Fit

Herndon, Virginia, July 19, 2006 — KORE Wireless Group, Inc., a leading specialized provider of wholesale digital wireless services for the M2M market, and CriticalWireless Corporation, a Texas-based leader in developing web-enabled M2M communications technology, are achieving notable successes through a business partnership which began a year ago.

Machine-to-machine applications are those requiring real-time data connectivity with remote devices, such as remote oil well equipment monitoring, collecting vehicle traffic data, or blood pressure monitoring of home-based patients, among other applications. KORE Wireless, a provider of wireless access services, enables CriticalWireless' remote monitoring, control and data acquisition solutions for such applications as emergency standby power systems, water/wastewater facilities, data centers, agricultural equipment, and public safety installations.

"The KORE team expertly manages all network issues and provides top level support," explained Charles Christie, vice president of business development for CriticalWireless. "Our solutions would be much more difficult to bring to market, deploy and manage without the strategic partnership we have with KORE. Their billing tools and technical support combined with their comprehensive menu of backend data services really make it possible for us to scale out as necessary. We are able to do what we do best--develop fully integrated M2M solutions-- and really focus on building lasting value for our customers."

A successful KORE-enabled project for CriticalWireless resulted from the increasing regulatory compliance challenges faced by landfill operators. Most municipal landfills generate elements that can be harmful to the environment so landfill operators are required to continuously collect data from air emission and groundwater pollution control systems, archive that data, and generate reports for various regulatory agencies. With support from KORE, CriticalWireless recently released CriticalDAQ™, a web-based wireless remote monitoring and data acquisition solution. CriticalDAQ enables landfill operators to greatly streamline and automate their data collection and reporting activities. The system helped one of America's largest landfill operators greatly reduce the cost of managing some of these compliance issues.

A second example of KORE providing support for CriticalWireless produced the capability to monitor generators in a chain of retail stores in Puerto Rico, operated by one of the world's largest corporations.

"CriticalWireless is proving to be an excellent business partner that can draw the maximum benefit from KORE's integrated M2M optimized network services," said Alex Brisbourne, president and chief operating officer of KORE Wireless. "Successful M2M applications are those where the applications provider fully integrates all aspects of the end-to-end service for their client, and in doing so, addresses the many 'moving parts' inherent in a wireless data service delivery", concluded Brisbourne. "CriticalWireless has shown great understanding of the technical, and economic, needs of its clients in their solutions design".

About CriticalWireless Corporation
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, CriticalWireless has established itself as a leader in the development of web-enabled, wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) communications technology that adds lasting customer value with minimal cost and complexity. The company designs turnkey remote monitoring, control and data acquisition solutions that help stretch limited resources, maximize operational uptime, improve equipment service response times, and enhance remote site security. Customers including Fortune 500 companies and several government agencies rely on CriticalWireless technology every day.
For more information on CriticalWireless visit http://www.criticalwireless.com.

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