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KORE Wireless Teams with MicroTRAKgps to Facilitate Exponential Growth of Fleet Tracking Provider

Posted by Alex Brisbourne on Jun 20, 2006
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M2M Digital Wireless Service Provider Offers Shared Data Packages, Flexible Pricing Plans for MicroTRAKgps Clients

Herndon, Virginia — June 20, 2006 — KORE Wireless, Inc., the leading specialized provider of digital network services for the M2M market, continues to strengthen its partnership with MicroTRAKgps, an innovative developer of GPS-based fleet tracking and accounting systems. Leveraging KORE's high-speed GPRS/EDGE data network, MicroTRAKgps is able to provide crucial data services and flexible pricing plans to its network of customers, to support reliable and 'future-proofed' network services for MicroTRAKgps's expansion in upcoming years. KORE delivers advanced GSM-based GPRS/EDGE network services to companies such as MicroTRAKgps, which use the KORE high-speed wireless network to provide real-time fleet tracking services, throughout the USA and Canada utilizing leading host operator networks. Since 2004, MicroTRAKgps has worked with KORE to optimize the design of new devices and applications in order to provide its clients with tailored services that monitor fleet vehicles in real-time.

"Originally we worked with an outdated analog system, but ultimately found it too cumbersome to provide the type of data services we needed," said Jerry Grisaffi, CEO and founder of MicroTRAKgps. "We decided to go digital and began approaching major cellular carriers, who were unable to offer us the package of shared data, back-office support systems and services that allowed us to dynamically tailor price plans for individual customers. KORE provides us with everything we need to do just that, and provides MicroTRAKgps with a network upon which we can base our future projected growth."

Currently serving approximately 4,000 customers, MicroTRAKgps plans to expand its customer base to over 1 million customers in just three years through strong distribution and OEM relationships, secure because of the strong foundation provided by KORE Wireless.

"MicroTRAKgps is exactly the type of business partner that benefits most from our integrated, M2M optimized, network services," said Alex Brisbourne, president and chief operating officer of KORE Wireless. "Their GPS-based fleet tracking systems require a high-speed data network of the type that we can provide, and their customers demand flexible pricing plans that will allow them to dynamically vary data levels based on real-time needs. We are happy to work with MicroTRAKgps, and look forward to continue to serve them as they expand in the coming years." Additional information about KORE Wireless or MicroTRAKgps can be found online at www.korewireless.com and www.microtrakgps.com, respectively.

About MicroTRAKgps
MicroTRAKgps, Inc., based in Dallas, Texas is a leading provider of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology and products that utilize in-vehicle hardware and wireless location services. Founded in 2001, MicroTRAKgps has combined the ubiquitous coverage of GPS with the nationwide GSM cellular network and 24/7 automated web and telephone accessibility to provide real-time wireless location and tracking, emergency assistance, stolen vehicle recovery and many other personal and fleet management purposes. MicroTRAKgps' product lineup, available at participating automobile dealerships, includes AutoGUARD, AutoTRAK, FleetGUARD, StreetTRAK and GenTRAK.

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