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Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. Selects KORE Telematics to Power Its Vehicle and Asset Tracking Applications

Posted by Alex Brisbourne on Oct 07, 2008
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KORE's Reliable and Flexible Network Solutions Provide Rocky Mountain Tracking with Cost-Effective Wireless Connectivity

Reston, VA and Fort Collins, CO — Oct 7, 2008—KORE Telematics, the world's largest digital wireless services provider specializing in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, today announced that Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. has selected the KORE network to power its full suite of vehicle and asset tracking solutions. In teaming with KORE, Rocky Mountain Tracking enhances its customers' service options by providing the cost-effective, flexible wireless network connectivity capabilities required to meet their personal and business tracking application needs.

KORE provides Rocky Mountain Tracking with the industry's most reliable, flexible and cost-effective wireless connectivity for applications that impact businesses on the bottom line and the top line. Vehicle tracking applications from Rocky Mountain Tracking enable customers to reduce fuel savings, more efficiently route vehicles, assist in emergency situations or breakdowns and enhance theft prevention, among other capabilities.

With KORE, Rocky Mountain Tracking can now enhance its leading GPS-based tracking solutions with the wireless connectivity required to offer additional services, such as vehicle speed, direction and fuel capacity, among others. Whether tracking a family member or a number of vehicles, Rocky Mountain Tracking relies on KORE to provide a wide array of network management capabilities through the KORE PRISM™ management platform, ensuring that its customers have consistent and reliable access to services powered by North America's leading GSM and CDMA wireless networks.

"During the past five years, we have worked with a number of wireless network providers and none of them have been able to match the reliability and performance of the KORE network," said Brad Borst, founder and president of Rocky Mountain Tracking. "On the KORE network, we are able to differentiate our application offerings, providing customers with tracking systems that can automatically transmit time-sensitive data, such as vehicle speed, location and direction, in real-time. With KORE's unique pricing model and comprehensive PRISM management portal, we can cost effectively offer our customers these added services, helping improve overall service levels and drive additional revenues."

"KORE delivers the specialized communications and management services necessary to make M2M applications tick, driving down business costs and improving efficiency through process automation," said Alex Bisbourne, president and COO, KORE Telematics. "We are extremely pleased to see Rocky Mountain Tracking utilizing the KORE network to provide reliable wireless connectivity to their customers. This is another example of the value-added, revenue-generating services made possible by the KORE network for companies in the M2M asset tracking applications industry."

As a pioneer in the M2M industry, KORE is focused on helping its partners reduce real business costs and drive profitable growth in today's competitive business environment. KORE partners deliver innovative, valuable solutions for automated 'smart homes,' realtime asset and people location, commercial and residential security, overt and covert tracking systems, broad-scale automated power metering and utility 'SmartGrid' control, long-haul and regional fleet management, modern vehicle telematics and tracking, and much more, to both industry and government.

KORE is the only M2M provider with direct, reliable connectivity to the extensive CDMA and GSM networks of Tier 1 carriers. Its extensive network service offerings span the globe, serving the entirety of North America and internationally. Delivering services through the company's pioneering PRISM Gateway, KORE application and solution partners have real-time control and management of activation, usage and alarms for their widely deployed M2M solutions.

About Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.
Rocky Mountain Tracking was founded in 2003, and our headquarters are based in Fort Collins, Colorado. RMT is the leading GPS tracking provider in the United States. NavIQ, RMT's state-of-the-art tracking solution, has become increasingly popular for fleet tracking, vehicle recovery and the tracking of people nationwide. NavIQ is a robust, yet economical tracking software. This software is the foundation for our first-rate GPS vehicle tracking system selection. RMT's GPS hardware has met strict testing and certification standards. RMT's mission is to provide a high quality and affordable tracking solution for every application using the latest technology. For more information, please visit www.rmtracking.com.

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