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Teydo and KORE Wireless Inc partner to deliver exciting new location and tracking service aimed at the Small and Medium enterprise

Posted by Alex Brisbourne on Oct 25, 2004
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Service starts at $6.95 monthly

San Francisco – 25th October 2004:After signing up over 9,000 businesses in Europe within 18 months, Teydo has opened up offices in North America. Teydo and KORE Wireless Inc. today announced an agreement to deliver the exciting Mobile Location service, FleetOnline, to the North American market, using the KORE Wireless MVNO network, which spans over 41,000 cell sites in North America.

Already well established in Europe and in use by many small and medium enterprises as well as by consumers and police authorities, FleetOnline is simple, affordable and accessible. FleetOnline is a mobile location service for any mobile workforce looking to optimize its operation. An exceptionally low cost for the location devices - $289.00 per unit - is coupled with an aggressive monthly subscription starting as low as $6.95 per month.

Utilizing Microsoft MapPoint technology combined with the fully self-contained, battery powered TrimTrac device from Trimble Corporation, FleetOnline can be easily adopted by any organization in days. "FleetOnline creates a powerful example of how wireless location services can rapidly reach the consumer market," commented Alex Brisbourne, Chief Operating Officer, KORE Wireless Inc. "The KORE network is ideally suited for the delivery of innovatory new machine-to-machine services, where reliability, cost and coverage are paramount, and we are pleased to be powering Teydo’s introduction to the North American market," concluded Brisbourne.

For any company with a mobile workforce or mobile assets Teydo has developed the FleetOnline™ solution. FleetOnline is the Internet solution that provides immediate visibility of the location of those mobile assets and workforces. With no need to buy or install special software, registered users can see the location of many different devices and send/receive messages in real time from any browser-equipped PC or PDA. FleetOnline™ relies on MobiSPOT™ to provide operator access and billing capability.

The MobiSPOT™ high volume aggregation platform enables any service provider to integrate positioning, messaging and micro-payments into enterprise applications or services in days. MobiSPOT™ offers all available Location-Based Service (LBS) connections from operators through one standardized API. With MobiSPOT, Teydo partners are able to add value to their current offerings.

"In order to launch services in North America Teydo needed a partner in communications that could provide connectivity at unprecedented levels. With KORE we actually get the best of 4 worlds: four mobile operators combined in one transparent service offering. KORE matched our high standards and enables us to capture the North American market," concluded Jaap Groot, Chief Executive Officer, Teydo BV.

FleetOnLine can be seen in conjunction with KORE Wireless on Booth 946.

About Teydo BV:
Teydo is privately owned and was founded in 2001. Worldwide headquarters are in The Netherlands with its North American Offices in Potomac Falls, VA USA. Teydo owns and manages both FleetOnline™ and MobiSPOT™ in the location services industry.

FleetOnline™ is the first successful international LBS service and is focused on giving small and medium enterprises access to location technology that was not previously in their reach. Technologies used are GPS and cell phone networks supporting location technology (LBS).

The solid foundation of the FleetOnline™ success is the MobiSPOT™ platform. MobiSPOT is a Worldwide Location Based Services, Messaging and Billing platform capable of supporting access to more than 100,000,000 GSM subscribers. Using the MobiSPOT platform as its application engine, FleetOnline™ has an instant connection to 30 mobile networks and a solution for Billing, Privacy and Security. FleetOnline is the Global Market leader in Mobile Location Services.

Teydo Contact: Rob Groot Tel: +1 703 626 8480 Email: rob.groot@teydo.com

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