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Global Connect

IoT and M2M Connectivity Services Worldwide - Global GSM, North American CDMA and Low Latency Satellite

Kore Global Connect

Ubiquitous and affordable IoT and M2M coverage is a requirement for cross-border, regional or even global IoT and M2M solution deployments. KORE customers get the coverage and support required to deliver mission critical applications from one provider with one single bill and one intuitive management platform to manage devices across multiple operators worldwide.

KORE, in partnership with our leading multi-national cellular and satellite operator partners, offers KORE Global Connect, featuring GSM-based, cellular IoT and M2M communications services available in over 180 countries throughout the world and satellite services enabling 100% global coverage – KORE offers an unparalleled service footprint. Unlike other providers who rely upon complex, limiting and often expensive international roaming agreements to provide similar services, KORE provides Tier 1, in-country network connectivity on multiple networks for the highest availability.

KORE Global Connect features include:

  • Optimized GSM and CDMA cellular connectivity for IoT and M2M users — locally, nationally or globally.
  • Single GSM SIM option with native connectivity delivers IoT and M2M network services in over 180 countries worldwide including an optional single, global per MB rate.
  • Best of breed low latency satellite connectivity on the only true global satellite network.
  • Ability to manage all of your devices with real-time network visibility and consolidate all of your services and billing throughout the World with one single management interface — PRiSMPro — available via API or secure web portal.
  • Global IntelliRate pricing – the first auto-adjusting, highly flexible pricing plan that offers built-in discounts applied based on actual data usage, per device, with zero customer intervention required.
  • Device management capabilities including the flexibility to manage which global service areas where the device will and will not operate, putting the customer in control of the best price/service coverage options, per device, and the ability to change it at any time.
  • True global cellular and satellite connectivity from one partner, one call for support, single point for billing and one relationship to manage.
  • Ability to activate on demand with no per device contract and no minimum service period per device for maximum flexibility.

Global IoT and M2M Connectivity Solutions – Better Coverage, Choice & Reliability