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PRiSMPro Business Management Portal

KORE's PRiSMPro: The Most Comprehensive M2M Business Management Platform


PRiSMPro is a single, robust, business management platform designed to deliver control and exceptional operational efficiencies for M2M and IoT aplication providers. It allows KORE customers to order SIMs, activate and deactivate devices in real-time, change the features associated with a device and obtain billing and usage information - either for the account as a whole, or according to the consumption generated by individual subscribers. With real-time visibility to device status, the ability to report and gather feedback on technical problems, interactive coverage maps, custom reporting, PRiSMPro helps KORE customers control costs, optimize M2M services delivery and provide a best-in-class experience for their customers downstream. 

Threshold Monitoring

PRiSMPro provides KORE customers with proactive threshold monitoring, a system that every day reviews data consumption across all KORE subscribers and sends out alerts to customers, advising them of voice, SMS, and data consumption totals that exceed the thresholds that they established for daily and monthly use. These thresholds can be established for individual devices or for all devices contributing to a pooled program.  In the case of a pooled plan, the threshold monitoring system will alert customers when a defined percentage of the monthly total available data has been exceeded.


Using our Application Programming Interface (API), KORE customers are able to take the best features of the PRiSMPro web interface and process them from their own applications!    

Customers manage all aspects of SIM provisioning directly with the use of the PRiSMPro Integration Toolkit (API), which eliminates the need for human action (and the risk of human error).  By sending requests into KORE programmatically, customers improve their provisioning response times and eliminate the risk of a miskeyed entry or other common errors.

KORE makes adopting the API easy!  As the demand for our Customer’s solutions increases, it becomes much more efficient to submit requests to KORE through API rather than by processing the same activations via the PRiSM Pro web interface.  Before moving a new API integration into live production environments, KORE Engineering and Support personnel assist customers with a development and on-boarding process, which includes sandbox access to the API without making an impact on actual subscribers.  

PRiSMPro Key Features:

  • Manage network subscriptions across a wide portfolio of domestic & international mobile network operators, and a variety of technology (2G, 3G, 4G cellular or satellite services) options through a single unified interface, accessed through the Web or through an API.
  • Customized and searchable information available for each subscriber (including device identification) and convenient reports published monthly, mapping each device to each downstream customer.
  • Consolidate reporting, billing, network management and provisioning into one single interface
  • Provide real-time device status - validation that a device is connected to the network, the device’s last known IP address with date/time stamp, and the last data session ID - information provided through RADIUS services - a critical feature required for advanced M2M diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Maximum efficiency and integration with customer business applications through a well-documented and easy to adopt API

PRiSMPro provides customers with the ultimate solution for centralized control of M2M & IoT network subscriptions.  It delivers scalability through the automation of activation and deactivation processes, and gives customers the tools they need to control costs and optimize their rate plans.  PRiSMPro empowers KORE customers to lower the total cost of ownership of network connectivity for their M2M & IoT applications.